VB Tips

Tip 1:
Every important variable declaration should include an inline comment describing the use of the variable being declared.

Tip 2:
At the start of the .bas module that contains the project's Visual Basic generic constant declarations, you should include an overview that describes the application, enumerating primary data objects, procedures, algorithms, dialogs, databases, and system dependencies. Sometimes a piece of pseudocode describing the algorithm can be helpful.



1. Creating the Visual Basic Project
Create and save the Project files

2. Creating the Visual Basic Form
The first form - choose color, type and controls

3. Using a Control array
Technique to create a form with many controls used for input

4. Validating a Control array
Technique to ensure that data input into a control array is valid according to project rules

5. ComboBox example
The ComboBox is a useful control to ensure data integrity when doing input into a form

6. File Structure example
Using the DriveList and FileList boxes to find files on disk

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