VB Tips

Tip 1:
Variant variables add additional overhead to execution which can degrade operational performance and also prevents strict type checking. Declaration of variables 'As Variant' must be avoided whenever possible.

Tip 2:
When you set a form's Font property, all the controls that you place on the form will inherit that property and you won't have to set it for each control individually.


Fantastic game of Reversi!

Reversi (aka Othello) is a game of skill and logic. Download this game programmed entirely in VB6.

This is a great example for all kinds of programming techniques and tools. Study the code and then apply it to other game programming situations.

Download Reversi game.

Sample Project

Here's a sample Visual Basic Invoicing Project used in the tutorials:
Download Invoicing Project.
It is stored as a .zip file to minimize the download time.

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