VB Tips

Tip 1:
Before you begin designing the user interface, you need to think about the purpose of the application. The design for a primary application that will be in constant use should be different from one that is only used occasionally for short periods of time.

Tip 2:
If you intend to distribute your application to other countries, language and culture must be considered part of your design.


Creating the Visual Basic Project

When starting a new VB project, make sure it is a Standard EXE. The more advanced types will be covered later.

The first object in a new Visual Basic Project is the Form.

You can set a few basic properties for the form. Those properties will apply to all the objects (controls) you place onto the form.

The Visual Basic Project is created the first time you do a Save.

Make sure to pick a meaningful name and save it into a folder that you'll be able to find later. It's amazing how many projects get lost in the file structure because people can't remember where they put them and how they were named!

visual basic form

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